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Fate/Zero: 1x8

The Magus Killer

Iri and Maiya are about to escape through the woods until Iri detects Kirei coming their way. Instead of evading him, Iri and Maiya decide to confront him in order to protect Kiritsugu. However, Maiya is outsmarted and taken down by Kirei despite her terrain advantage and Iri fails to restrain Kirei with her magic. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu is able to wound El-Melloi with his Contender pistol. Believing the attack was a fluke, El-Melloi vows to increase Hydragyrum’s defenses to prevent it from happening again. Elsewhere, Saber and Lancer continue fighting off Caster’s endless waves of demonic creatures due to Caster’s Noble Phantasm, his grimoire. To damage the grimoire, Saber manages to clear a path long enough for Lancer to pierce Caster’s grimoire with Gae Dearg, effectively cutting off his source of mana and instantly destroying his minions. Caster escapes while an enraged El-Melloi, suffering from blood loss hunts down the “cowardly” Kiritsugu throughout the castle, which the man himself shows up and shots El-Melloi with his Contender pistol again. Despite preparing for it, Hydragyrum defenses are futile as the Contender’s bullets are in fact special anti-magic bullets, causing El-Melloi’s Magic Circuits to go berserk and tear him from the inside-out. Lancer arrives to save his unconscious master, while Saber rushes to save Iri from Kirei. As Kirei interrogates Iri about Kiritsugu, an Assassin informs him of Saber’s arrival which he leaves but not before stabbing Iri. However, Iri survives thanks to Saber’s magical healing scabbard Avalon implanted inside of her while she heals Maiya.

Fate/Zero: 1×8
Nov. 20, 2011

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